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I'm the author of numerous published essays (Ten Signs of a Culture's End, The Message of the Dead Sea Scrolls), a short story, a novel The Volcano Dancer, a memoir, a blog (The Second Reality), and a soon-to-be-released non-fiction account about what fathers say and what sons hear.


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The Second Realty

Know Whom You Follow (Fri, 05 Aug 2016)
How the popular culture has collaborated with churches to deliberately repackage Jesus to suit the conventions of modern culture.
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How to be a Christian without Following Jesus (Mon, 25 Jul 2016)
Jesus once said, “Whoever eats my flesh and drinks my blood remains in me, and I in him.” Jesus, of course, was speaking metaphorically of his sacrificial death and resurrection. Yet, on hearing this, many of His disciples said, “This is a difficult teaching. Who can accept it?” Consequently, according to John 6, “many of […]
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Logic (Wed, 13 Jul 2016)
Imagine a conversation between two men. Thanks to negative religious impressions from his childhood, one of the men no longer believes in a Creator. The other not only believes in God, but also that the Scriptures, Old and New, authoritatively portray Jesus as the promised Messiah who triumphed over death and describe God’s Holy Spirit as the active means […]
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Love is the Harder Choice

Rather than hate people into hell, our call is to love others into heaven ... Continue reading


Secrets of the Universe (21 Feb 2014)

As long as science continues, by consensus, to deny God’s existence, those questions will stay unanswered. Each new piece of the puzzle science discovers remains just that—another puzzle piece. Without God’s interpretation of the facts, science—relying on finite human reasoning—is incapable of fitting the pieces into a clear explanation of where we came from and why we are here ... Continue reading


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